Funding Sources

Projects of teachers of the permanent body of the Master's degree in Dance have funding of costing and /or capital, Scientific Initiation (PIBIC), Technological (PIBIT), Extension (PIBIEX), artistic (PIBIARTES) and Remain Program. Collaborating professors are also funded by these scholarships. The financing of the scholarships is carried out by CNPq and FAPESB.
We highlight the approvals of funding in notice 04/2013 - Support for Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs, CAPES/FAPESB agreement notice (AUXPE) in which support was obtained used for the publication of two Annals of Research Seminar, a book and 4 editions of Dance Magazine. 
It is emphasized, via Pro-Equipment Notice, the purchase of important advanced technology called Motion Capture, with Head System and Body Kit.
Important projects were carried out, also in this period of four-year evaluation 2013-2016: "Dance Mapping in Brazilian capitals and in the Federal District", with A Technical Cooperation Agreement between UFBA and FUNARTE/MINC and the "Observatory for The Teaching of Arts and Communication-OBSERVARTE", with A Term of Technical Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture (MinC) and the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).  
We highlight the relevant project carried out "Art in the Curriculum" in the Municipal Schools of Salvado, via PPGDança and School of Dance, an agreement between the City of Salvador city hall and the Federal University of Bahia. It should be noted that "Art in the Curriculum" is in the process of continuity.
Currently, the "International Symposium on Arts Teaching" is underway, with a Cooperation Agreement between MINC/UFBA. 
Recently, June 2017, PPGDança was awarded the Country-PAEP Event Support Program to hold its VIII Research Seminar.
The Graduate Program in Dance also has a number of scholarships for master's (institutional quotas) funded by CAPES and FAPESB. Finally, it has the Graduate Support Program-PROAP.