Research Lines

Line 1- Dance, body and cognition

Menu: The line proposes to understand dance as a cognitive body action in its relational, communicational and systemic flows and also in political and biopoliticas readings. It houses researches interested in investigating memories, gestures, images, differentiated ways of organizing the movement, composition strategies, improvisation and performance, artistic and pedagogical procedures.

PhD professor: Permanent: Fátima Wachowicz, Gilsamara Moura, Lenira Peral Rengel, Marcia Mignac e  Rita Ferreira de Aquino. Invited: Helena Katz.

Line 2- Artistic Process and Configuration in Dance

Menu: Studies devoted to the characterization and critical analysis of both the processes involved in the compositive practice of dance, and of their resulting artistic configurations considered in their contextual articulations, technological interfaces, implications policies and aesthetics.

PhD professor: Permanent: Adriana Bittencourt Machado, Carmen Paternostro Schaffner, Fabiana Britto, Jussara Setenta, Ludmila Pimentel. Invited: Daniela Guimarães e Joubert Arraes.

Line 3- Cultural and Educational Mediations in Dance

Menu: Studies that articulate dance with other knowledge areas in an inter-and transdisciplinary perspective. It dedicates itself to the investigation of conceptions, compositions and political, cultural and educational implications, in different contexts that develop and mediate processes and modes of organization in dance.

PhD professor: Permanent:  Amélia Conrado, Daniela Amoroso, Lara Rodrigues Machado, Lúcia Matos, Maíra Spanghero. Invited: Fernando Ferraz.